The final frontier. For more than twenty five years, Ju and Katy have explored and haunted Katy and Yooh - tadaa! Photo by Arne Homborg. the scene of sedentary songsters singing about space and sword-swinging superheroes.

If only for the sake of alliteration. Fun.

Did I mention fun?

If at this point you ask yourself "What the heck is filk???", we provide you with several options:


If you hate surfing and actually would prefer a concise answer: Here it is. And if you like to know how filk in Germany developed, and what publications are available by now, just click on the respective links :)

Ever since we met we have been playing FILK together. Roughly speaking we divide the "labour" up into Ju being the songwriter and Katy being the performer. But this is only half the truth because Katy also writes songs and Ju also sings and performs. In fact we like doing things together and the harmony we sing is the harmony we feel. We even share songs.
Ju: Hey, I have these lyrics lying about...
Katy: I'll see if they grab me ...
Fortunately, Katy tends to get grabbed a good deal and so some of our best songs are joint ventures.

Since FILK was not yet well established in Germany back in the early 90s Katy and Yooh concert FC 2003we took on a kind of pioneer role when we published our first tape - "Neofan". But we are Neofans no more. Goodness no. Around 230 songs have been hammered together in 16 years of fun and filking and friendship. And more alliteration.
On two cassettes and two CDs only a portion of this polymnian exudate is recorded but those you can get.
(Do! Please!) Polymnia won't intervene even if she has not explicitly stated her opinion. After all it's all her fault.

In 2004, we were honoured with being inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame ... which left us both very happy and a little speechless. We shall continue to give back to the filk community!

Instruments we play
(more or less perfectly)

Katy:Katy at FKO2002
6-string guitar
12-string guitar
Rhythm thingies
Katy is a talented instrumentalist with a serendipitous tendency to get precisely the effect she wants with as little effort as possible. She is a living and thriving annoyance to all those people who have to actually practice and work hard to sound good. She is a velvety alto and she rocks.
Even more things about Katy can be found HERE.

6 string guitarYooh at FKO2009
Tin whistle
Low whistle
Wooden traverse flute
Piano (sort of...)
Ju is an exploratory and experimental instrumentalist with a notation-structured brain. To get the effect her mind has set as a goal she sometimes kneads her hands into burled knots. She is a sort of soprano (the sort that won't get high notes). Her whistle playing has been known to move the hearts of strong men. Well. Of one. You can also find more about Yooh on her writer's webpage.

We should also mention Bear. He is our techie and sometime percussionist. He also happens to be Ju's husband. Very handy to have a techie husband if you are an amateur musician.

If you have any further questions concerning filk or our activities or if you are interested in purchasing our CDs, tapes and songbooks, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at:

katy at filk.de (for Katy) or ju at filk.de (for Ju).

You can also sign our guestbook! Come and visit! We'd be thrilled.