is our sound engineer. His talent for everything technical combined with his musicality make him the ideal choice to be the master of gadgets, cables, buttons, sliders, bleeping lights and whatnots, whether rented or bought. In real life he works for the chemical industry. His leisure time he divides up into several different hobbies and pasttimes. He is a percussionist focussing mainly on Irish and Scottish percussion. He plays bodhran, bones, Scottish snare drum, bass drum and tenor drum (all for pipe bands) and he is member of the Irish band "Celtic Chakra".

He can be heard on the following media:
Camelot (CD)
O’Carolan for Guitar (CD)
Rattlin' Strings: No Stoppin' (CD)
FilkCONtinental - definitely! (tape)
Witch Way to Reality (CD)
Rattlin' Strings: e-motion (CD)
IV - A View to a Filk (CD)
SuBärKuh (CD) 
Demons (CD) 

Once in a while he also teaches percussion classes.

Apart from his musical interest he is an ardent railway fan and collects model railways focussing on the early steam age.
He is also a hobby historian and interested in historical costume. As an ex-reenacter, however, he is more into the last two or three centuries than into the dark ages of fantasy or the futuristic view of science fiction.