Interfilk - where would we be without it?

FilkCONtinental - Germany's filk convention :-) - Katy's web resource for filk in Germany - British equivalent run by Rafe Culpin

"Let's Filk About" - The German filk fanzine page.

MuTaBe Filk Online Shop - buy filk!

When travelling to conventions near and far, you meet a lot of wonderful people. Go visit some of their pages as well :-))

Talis Kimberley - a really gifted woman who is not only an excellent musician but a warm and wonderful person. And Bear got to be "spare beast" for her ;-)

Phoenix- the world's coolest filk rock band. Don't sit in their concerts, get up and dance! 

Puzzlebox - Their arrangements and harmonies will not puzzle but thrill you!

Steve Macdonald - How  to describe HIM??? Go meet him. Hear him sing. Watch him play the guitar. Hug him :) By then he will have already woven his spell. Too late, sorry ;) 

Urban Tapestry - well, these three Canadian filk ladies are a hit! You HAVE to see them, watch Debbie's prop show, listen to their enchanting harmonies - wow!

Celtic Chakra - Harry "Bear"'s celtic band, an excellent bunch of musicians! So if you find yourself in the Frankfurt area, why not try to catch one of their gigs!

Kathy Mar- her songs have moved us before we knew her. But by now we also have met this special woman. Big heart, cool chaotic household, nerves of steel (strings?) and a wonderful person!

"Cosmo" Scott Snyder - Bluegrassy filker and audio engineering wizard :) And an all around super-nice guy, too ;-)

Doubletop are Ekhart Topp and Bernadette Mullane ... Bernadette plays fiddle on our new CD :)

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