Lyrics & Music: © 2001 Juliane Honisch


Trust me, my dearest and love me
Before I drown in your eyes
Kiss me, my dearest, and hug me
And tell me no smelly white lies
I am yours forever
For wolves mate for life
And I would have you as my wife, my love
I would have you as my wife.

I hunt in the night but don't run with the pack
I follow your scent, I will never turn back
My world is exciting and moon-filled and fragrant
I speed through the woods but don't call me vagrant.

The moon fills my mind and I lust for a bite
And scrumptious young maidens would do me just right
But my soul overflows when I think of your face
And I pray and I hope I will know my right place

Your existence is a fragrance that permeates mine
Without you I'm lost and I'm deaf and I'm blind
You add spice to my life and to hunt beside you
Would make the grass greener and the skies deeper blue.

Look at me I'm wolf, I'm the one man for you
And my love for you stabs me and pierces me through
I would catch you and take you to roll on the ground
And sing to the sun "Huff Puff, what I found!"