Words / Music: © Juliane Honisch


Villagers are full of dread
for the signs betoken woe
and new horrors now fear they.
Some of them wish they were dead,
some will all pack up and go,
will be gone and far away.

Chorus (after each verse):
For it's
bath-time for Nanny Ogg
the tub gets filled with water
she gets ready for the slaughter
with her banjo
and she sings:

"A wizard's staff
has a knob at the end
has a knob at the end,
has a knob at the end
a wizard's staff
has a knob at the end
and it's long and hard and..."

Windows shut with sudden clatter,
merchants sell out cotton-wool,
bars get drawn before the door.
Over is all idle chatter
fear and panic now do rule
for the sounds grow evermore.

Fam'lies hide beneath small tables
cotton wool stuck in their ears,
trembling for the onslaught now.
Little kids become unstable
and strong men are all in tears,
shaken by the dreadful row.

Animals stampede to freedom,
you can see them flee in groups
even Greebo beats it fast,
if you are outside you see them
running like retreating troops
ears in knots before the blast.

Lancre knows no greater dread
annual catastrophe
than the "have a bath" campaign
Lords and Ladies, walking dead,
and what ever else might be
are compared to this but quaint.