"Neofan" - Filk from a Developing Country Vol.1 - tape
by Juliane Honisch and Kerstin Dröge

Neofan -

Seite 1
1.The Decision 

Rest and Irritation
3. SciFiligion 

4. Honor the Microbe 

Fantasy Fantasies
6. Escapist Dreams 
7. Illengyal’s Fate 

8. The New Whistle (Reel)

Seite 2
1. Neofan 

2. Choice Vulcan 

3. Ferengi Sale 

4. We’re the Borg 

5. The Diplomatic Mission 

6. Klingon Schoolkids’ Catechism 

7. Fool on the Hill

"Neofan" was our first tape and came out in 1993. The songs are sung by Kerstin and Ju, accompanied either on guitar or synthesizer. Ju has a go on the tin-whistle for "Decision". The one instrumental is an Irish music parody on synthesizer by Harry "the Bear" Sawatzki.

"Beyond" - Filk from a Developing Country, Vol. 2 - tape
by Juliane Honisch and Kerstin Dröge

Beyond -
Seite 1
1. Another Round 

2. Troll Fiord 

3. Ecological Solution

4. Beyond 
5. Boy Heroes 

6. The Undiscovered Prejudice 
7. Jim’s Sins 

8. Were Howl 

9. Captain Kirk's Welcome to the Tribbles / 

Over the Desert to Maggie (Reels)

Seite 2
1. Fighter in my Soul
2. Oversized Star Traveller mp3
3. Dark Transgression 

4. The Original 
5. Striking Heroes 

6. Filkers go a-roving 

7. Ose Ode to Odo

This one was released in 1995. The songs again are sung by Kerstin and Ju, accompanied either on guitar or synthesizer. "Fighter in my Soul" has been written and put to music by Kerstin. Ju punks about some more on the tin-whistle for "Filkers go a-roving". This cassette also contains an instrumental by Harry.

Witch Way to Reality- CD
by Juliane Honisch and Kerstin Dröge

Witch Way to Reality - 1. Hunter of the Early Prey mp3 
2. Juvenile Delinquents 

3. Remembrance 

4. Nachtdrude 

5. Terror Time in Lancre 

6. Snowqueen 

7. Hooked for Good
8. My Personal Gneechie 
9. In Black Rain Drowning mp3

10. Yearning

11. Blind Paris 
12. Sleeping Beauty 

13. Spinning Tower mp3

14. Time to Grow Up 

15. Nightflyer 

16. My Heart's not in the Highlands 

17. The Fan 

18. Ghost from the Past 

19. At the End of all Time

Our first CD has been available since April 1998. In addition to our usual instruments, guitar and synthesizer, Ju can be heard playing tin whistle and low whistle. Harry participated in doing bodhran percussion and harmonies on the hammered dulcimer.
What are the songs about? Starting with Babylon 5 via Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" you can also find horror (-love) stories and romantic ballads.

IV - A View to a Filk - CD
by Juliane Honisch and Katy Dröge

1. Sweet Poison mp3
2. Wolflove
3. Moon So Bright
4. Across the Room
5. On the Job
6. Winter is Coming mp3
7. Crystal Heartbeat
8. Moriturus
9. Bird of Fire

10. Inheritance
11. Ill-met by Moonlight
12. Steep Road mp3
13. Lost Love
14. Wallflower's Wall
15. A Thousand Ships
16. Harbours full of Song
17. No Frogs Please

2004 ... It's been a few years - and finally we managed to get our act together and produce a CD that reflects our recent musical activities. In the last years, we more and more concentrated on vocal harmonies, and recently even started experimenting with harmonizing guitars. We had a lot of fun producing this album, we took our time, invited a few guest musicians - and we really like the outcome. We hope, you do, too :

Shadow Horses - CD
by Ju Honisch and Katy Dröge-Macdonald

1. Pageant Legend
2. Raven Waltz
3. Spiders of Illusion
4. Snarl
5. The Wild Hunt
6. Poor Myrtle
7. Long Ago
8. Loving You

09. Gypsy Passing By
10. Three Drops of Blood
11. Mermaid
12. Springe
13. Memories of Middle-Earth
14. Riding the Green Storm
15. Sea Friend
16. Shadow Horses

2012 ... After a couple of years of recording break, we decided to do it one more time :)
A good mix of Katy's and Ju's tunes, featuring both voices as lead or harmony vocals, with a lot of Harry "Bear"s awesome percussion and Ju's whistle magic.
With topics ranging from history (Morgan Le Fay) and myths (The Wild Hunt) to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, there's something for everybody! We hope you enjoy it!