Lyrics: © 1998 by Juliane Honisch / Music: © 1998 by Kerstin Dröge


Hi, folks, I am your friend,
I am your pal,
and I love you all so well,
I love you all so well.

True, my name is not so cosy
if spelled out in its full length,
if you try to see things rosy
then my formidable strength
will not worry you or vex,
just call me Rex.

Hi, folks, I am your friend,
I am your pal,
and I love you all so well
(rare or well-done)
I love you all so well

I am friendly, I am caring
and I love my wife and son
and if one should be so daring
and would steal him while I'm gone
I would worry and be vexed,
and you'll get rexed.

...even without ketchup...

I am young and I am sturdy
and I do like a good brunch
and my wife is sweet and purdy
and she surely loves her lunch
that is naturalis lex
for I am Rex.

Chorus munchie crunchie...

We got visited by creatures
lately on our little isle,
they had no redeeming features,
they were nasty, murdrous, vile,
we had hardly turned our backs -
they stole small Rex.

...with melted butter...

They were noisy, they were screamy
and quite quick for things so small,
but they tasted nice and creamy,
yet we didn't eat them all
some of them did save their necks
no lunch for Rex.

...cause you melt in my mouth and not on the couch...

When I watch these walking crunchies
I sure cannot understand
why they choose to be our lunches
why they crawl about our land
careless snacks of either sex
come to old Rex.