Lyrics & Music: © 2001 Juliane Honisch


With flowers in her hair
And silken scarves to flow around her body
She'll smile at you
That lovely smile of innocence you love.
You want to trust her then
With all your heart, you'd trust her with your life.
And that is what she'll want and what she'll take.

Dancer, golden dancer, You are poison,
And your heart is black beneath your skin.
Dancer, golden dancer, dance for me
one last time, one last time, one last time.

She'll dance before your eyes,
Her silken hair more clothing than her dress,
A promise in her eyes,
A silent smile upon those ruby lips.
Her feet scarce touch the ground
Which seems too rough to bear her nimble steps.
You feel you see her fly like a wild bird.

You love her with your heart
And with your mind; and all your senses rage.
You want to hold her close
And smell the perfume of her fragrant hair.
To hold her dear, you dream,
Would be the answer to your troubled life.
And still you wait for her to end her dance.

She'll end her dance for you
And her white hands will come for a caress
She'll drink her wine with you
And her grey eyes will watch you as you raise
Your chalice to your lips
And drink to her and to her graceful beauty.
And while you sink down in your dreams she'll leave.