Lyrics/Music: © 2000 Ju Honisch

Oh, she walks down the beach on her little bare feet
And she hums the tune of oblivion
And she tries to forget but her thoughts repeat
Every hurt that her wounded heart took.
And again and again the sword in her mind
Stabs her soul with the blade of memory
And she walks through the rain, through the winds unkind,
Holds her lost love like a closed book.

She's trying to find the Banshee
To sing with her
All through the night,
Trying to find the Banshee
To haunt the land with her.
Trying to find the Banshee
To fly with her
All through the night,
Trying to find the Banshee
To bring her lover death.

And the waves reach out and try to meet her
Offering solace so cool and so soothing,
But before the white water meets her there
It's drawn back to the ocean so black.
And the sea sings a song and the wind hums in tune
But the music is lost in her caring,
And she walks by the sea all lost and alone
Never planning to ever find back.

And the night sinks down and the wind goes grey
And her song is answered in the cold breeze.
And the sea strokes her body as it comes into the bay
And she sings along with the wind.
And the grey mists fall and the white storms howl
And the cry of the Banshee is close,
And she follows its lead and she follows its soul
And she leaves all else behind.