Words / Music: © Juliane Honisch

Night time sank through ship and crew, darkness all around.
All were sleeping but a few, outward bound.
Through the endless starry void, far away,
our ship will carry them, night and day.

And our heroes lie in bed, sleeping sound.
Stars and planets passing by, all around.
Kirk is fighting with a dream he can't like;
he is tied up in a church at a pike.

Coming in, in groups of three, through the porch
women wailing "You've left us in the lurch."
And they line up at the altar next to him,
and the choir has started singing "That's it, Jim."

And a priest is stepping closer with a book,
chanting "Here are all the ladies you forsook."
He's got loads of wedding rings in a box
which, while singing wedding hymns, he unlocks.

And he asks the ladies "Do you want this man?
Marry him and keep him?" , they say "If we can."
And he goes on "I proclaim you man and wives.
Live in peace and harmony, all your lives!"

And the women haul Jim off his feet and scream,
and he's wishing that this were just a bad dream.
And just as the women drag him through the dirt
he gets woken up by Klingons... (whew!) Red Alert!