Lyrics/Music: © 2000 Ju Honisch

Ivy covered,
Age eaten,
Remainder-reminder of gleaming grey power,
There they stand,
The last castles of a proud race extinct,
Of a race defunct.
Long time ago they called themselves humans
When they were still about.

Moth eaten
Mould snuggled,
Brokenly reaching towards radiant sky,
There they point,
Vindictive accusing fingers held up
To an empty sky
Where beetles fly in the blue like eagles
Soaring across the heavens.

Creep crawling,
Deep wriggling,
Mandibles held erect proudly upright,
There they are,
The meek who inherit the earth
And the empty castles
That scrape the sky in left-alone wonder
After flesh and blood fell to dust.

Chitin faced,
Facet eyed
Beauties in segmented many-legged bodies,
Here they meet
To dance in the blazing sun
After the deathblack rain,
Exploring the shadowing nooks and crannies
Of a world grating to sand.