Lyrics/Music: © 2000 Ju Honisch

Deep in the heart of the forest, they say,
Lives your fate and your life and your choice.
The masters of treasures which make you obey
Before they grant answers with powerful voice
Up where the forest is dark and is black
And the trees cast your courage in shades,
Your feet drag you forward but your heart pulls you back,
And the green leaves will cut you like razor-sharp blades.

Master Treasurer,
Spirit of glass,
You who live in the forest dark,
Give me answers and riches and all that I crave,
For I won't be a slave
Any more, any more,
And because I am brave
I have studied your lore,
And your crystal heart secret I sing evermore.

In the black mountains where the trees grow to masts
And stretch up and reach into the sky.
There rough men with no heart and no soul and no past
Take the axe to the wood and hoe down what's grown high.
And the cold giant glares at your wishes and grins
And grants every wish that you state.
He keeps your sorry heart and he knows how he wins,
Once the stone's in your breast, for regret 'tis too late.

Master Pleasurer,
Heart of Stone,
you who live in the mountains high,
give me riches and power and all that I crave,
for I won't be a slave
any more, any more,
put my heart in a grave,
I'll no longer be poor,
and your stony-heart secret I'll keep evermore.

Far from my conscience, far from each pleasure,
Between riches and power and ice,
I have scraped and have killed and have taken each treasure,
And have given in to every vice.
Joy has died, happiness has been laid in a grave,
Heartless I can no more be content.
I have killed what I loved, to my greed I am slave,
This is not, never was, this is not what I meant.

Master Measurer,
Weigh my heart,
Balance blood against mountain stone.
Give me back my torn soul, give me back what I gave
For I won't be a slave
Any more, any more.
One more time I'll be brave,
I shall fight this last war,
To be able to feel what I am fighting for.